Exhibitor and Attendee Testimonials


“I love the energy and atmosphere at AccessoriesTheShow – it’s really fabulous! I attended for the first time in August and was happy with my experience in September as well. I really liked the brands on the floor. Overall, I just really loved it. I wish the shows were more frequent!”

Valerie Duardo
Mint Market (Hoboken, NJ)

“I shopped AccessoriesTheShow in September and was very pleased with the exhibitors I saw. I’ve been doing the shows forever and AccessoriesTheShow is always well-run with great amenities. You put on a great show, no question about it!”

Frank Fletcher
Marion Sports Shop (Marion, MA)

“We had a great time at AccessoriesTheShow! The layout of the shows makes it very easy to walk around and we definitely discovered new lines for our store. It’s not just clearly laid out, but grouped really well in terms of exhibitors. Everything was great!”

Kristin Fitzgerald
Sherman Pickey (Washington, DC)

“AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas was great - a very positive experience! We found new lines which is the most important thing. You hope to find new and exciting product that you can’t get locally and it was absolutely a successful trip. Definitely worthwhile.”

Barbara Delrath
Chaussure (Long Beach, CA)

“I exhibit in many shows all over the U.S. and AccessoriesTheShow is by far the best, most organized one! It’s important to be here in September because it’s the last show of the year and our last opportunity to get our product out there. We do really well at ATS and the show has exceeded our expectations.”

Juan Hernandez
MooMoo Designs

“I like being at AccessoriesTheShow; show management is great, it’s an easy set-up and I like the Javits Center. The show has been really busy. Repeat stores have been coming to see me along with some great new ones. I am very happy!”

Cynthia Ostroff
Jitni Accessories

“Selling is all about product, quality, and motivated buyers. ATS provided the forum for these forces to come together. We showed up and put Leg Luxury’s high quality fashion tights in front of strong buyers; and now Leg Luxury is soaring to new levels of sales, distribution and awareness. ATS is where buyers come to buy.”

Hallie Peterson
Leg Luxury

“We exhibit in every ATS show! We felt that the attendance was up at this past Las Vegas show and were happy with the buyers we met and the new accounts we opened. Buyers like the atmosphere of the show and how it has a high-end feel. We’ve been doing the show for so many years now and we still are able to open new accounts.”

Vahe Dekirmendjian
High Fashion

“AccessoriesTheShow was important because we wanted to tap into a new market and get our product into new territories. I think that the Las Vegas show helped us accomplish that as we opened several new accounts. Traffic was good and we definitely liked the customer base that attended this show opposed to what we have experienced at other shows.”

Christol Leon
Julio Designs

“The traffic at AccessoriesTheShow has always been good. What makes the show a success is the quality of buyers we see year after year, market after market. They are looking for exciting new items and are proud to support MADE IN USA too. The show is so well put together and the show producers are great, fun and friendly to work with. When you want to understand this type of market, you have to attend and exhibit at the ATS show, PERIOD.”

Howard Schwartz
Whitney Howard Designs

“The footfall was consistently good throughout the show, but the best thing was the quality of retailers who attended. We had inquiries from most of the leading department stores and made contact with some independents we have been chasing around for ages. It [AccessoriesTheShow] was the best looking show we have ever exhibited at in the states and the sales team was excellent. We felt very well-supported from beginning to end.”

Dave Maine
Silver Willow

“AccessoriesTheShow is a GREAT show! In August, we met with new accounts that we have not worked with in the past. The show has a great vibe and the service, set-up and amenities are excellent.”

Joey Bozzo
TWNZ Showroom

“AccessoriesTheShow was a great show for us, which is encouraging because we hadn’t exhibited in a show in years. We wrote orders with past retailer that we used to do business with that do not visit to our showroom. I thought it was a really great show; well put on!”

Lois Glaser
W/A Studios

“We have two locations in Brooklyn and I assist the owner at AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and Fame. We had a fabulous time in May and did some really great buying. The vendors were great quality. We visited a lot of the exhibitors we already buy from but we saw a handful of new ones too.”

Kristin Creighton
Fanaberie (Brooklyn, NY)

“We shopped AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan in May. I thought the exhibitors were great quality and we discovered a bunch of fun items. For example, one exhibitor has some great phone accessories. We were looking for certain items and we found them. Overall, the shows were good!”

Kimberly Petroelje
Studio K (Holland, MI)

“AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and Fame were great and I discovered new designers. I also like that the shows hand out complimentary bags and offer free lunch. You don’t get that anywhere else!”

Marilyn Goffin
23 South (Morristown, NJ)

“I like doing AccessoriesTheShow three times per year. It’s the right cycle for us. We meet the people we want here and use this show for new opportunities. Our product images in the guides look great and we like promoting this show to our customers and colleagues. Also, the show team is unbelievably pleasant to do business with. I would much rather stick with a pleasant organization and get our buyers here than go anywhere else.”

Elizabeth Gillett
Elizabeth Gillett

“We’re new to AccessoriesTheShow and I think the show has a great look. We’re here because of the show’s reputation and the May market is important for us. We’re an accessories company and we need to be in New York.”

Rose Gonzales
Rose Gonzales

“I shopped AccessoriesTheShow in February and it was a successful trip. Always good quality exhibitors! We picked up Top Shelf Jewelry which is a smaller company and I had never seen them before. I liked them a lot! We found what we were looking for.”

Laurie Manning
Poppy & Stella (Baltimore, MD)

“I come to every BJI Fashion Group show and they have just grown very nicely. The setup is really pretty! I think you guys have done a great job at making everything look and feel upscale. Also, the lunch is good! We really appreciate that it’s there because we’re always so busy. Without a good lunch, my girls get tired! Thank you.”

Lisa Gavin
Alapage (Bedford, NH)

“We enjoy going to AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and FAME because there are always a lot of good exhibitors. We really like how everything is close together. All three shows are in one spot which is what we love about them.”

Denise Earley
The Boutique (Stowe, VT)

“It’s important for us to not miss out on representing our brand at AccessoriesTheShow in New York. We saw good stores in February and felt there was a stronger push for International buyers. I also like the look of the display cases and the mannequins in the front of the show. Everything is always great!”

Laura Tarbox

“AccessoriesTheShow’s sales team works hand in hand with you. They do their job well and really try to help. Anything and everything they can do, they do. It’s my favorite part about being here; it is such a great thing and it just makes you feel at home.”

Rosemarie Oamil
Mele Marie

“This is our first AccessoriesTheShow and it’s super fun. The show has an amazing presentation and I think it’s the most beautiful show done here. Everything is well-organized and everyone is writing orders.”

Lexi Caley
The Macbeth Collection

“It’s important for us to be at AccessoriesTheShow to get our name out there and show that we’re not just shoes. I like being here; meeting new people, accounts, and fellow exhibitors. Traffic was busy and we opened a lot of new accounts.”

Steve Madden

“We were very successful in February and will definitely be back at AccessoriesTheShow. Both the New York and Las Vegas editions did well for us. We’re really excited!”

Carrie Barnes
OKA b.

“AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas attracts people from the Midwest and West Coast. It’s an opportunity for us to get major buyers. The show is also important because it’s probably the busiest show we do. We’re longtime, loyal people to the AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas show.”

John Flynn
Levante USA

“I like the organization of AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas and everything is extremely convenient. The show management is great too! Overall, it’s been a successful trip. I’ve learned a lot exhibiting here and gained valuable knowledge and experience.”

Tiffani Sloan

“I LOVE AccessoriesTheShow! The marketing support the show provides is phenomenal. We were featured in the newsletter and it looked great; they did a fantastic job. The show management team is awesome, the look of the show is wonderful and the catering is great - just a good job all around!”

Wendy Hawkins

“AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas provides a great avenue for me to see my buyers and meet new ones. I saw good quality retailers and opened new accounts as well as some reorders. I really like the look of the show and appreciate the team curating a layout where the exhibitors compliment one another.”

Gunilla Ebers
Lotta Jewellery

“We shopped both AcccessoriesTheShow and Stitch. The merchandise mix was good in February and we picked up a bunch of great lines. We hadn’t been to the Las Vegas shows in four years and it was definitely worth the trip! We have nothing but positive things to say; it was all good!”

Corey Weaver
My Sisters and Me Boutique (Frankfort, IL)

“We shopped AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas where we discovered Heet and bought from them for the first time. We’re a jean company so we go to discover new accessories lines and look for something different to bring to our store. The quality of exhibitors was very good. I like how things are generally in the same place. It’s definitely nice to be able to find a vendor easily and in a similar set up. You aren’t wasting time lost or looking for something you can’t find. The layout is good and well-organized.”

Joanne Akin
Liquid Blue Denim Boutique (Fulton, MD)

“AccessoriesTheShow and Stitch were great! As far as how the shows are set up, they’re my favorite out of all the Las Vegas shows because they are just really easy to shop. I prefer the layout over other shows. We had a successful trip and it was a great market!”

Kym Liska
Cobblestone Clothing Co. (Helena, MT)

“It was our first time at AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and FAME. The shows are bright, clean, and fresh with a really good layout. They are still big and there’s plenty to see, but not so big that you get lost. You know right where to go and the floor is easy to navigate. I also took advantage of the free on-site amenities and got a manicure at the Beauty Spa which was great. These shows are very much catered to the buyers. They treat their buyers well and make them feel appreciated. The shows had everything I needed and exceeded my expectations. It was a good experience all around.”

Anna Avrett
Vignettes (Augusta, GA)

“AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and FAME in January were great! We picked up a few new designers which is good because we’re always on the hunt for new talent. It’s hard to point out one thing; everything about the shows was good!”

Ashley Ernest
Urban Gypsy (Roanoke, VA)

“We shopped AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and FAME. My favorite part about these shows is the organization behind it all. We discovered a lot of new designers because the show was so well laid out and easy to shop. These brands stood out to us and were easy to find. We have a wide range of clientele and it’s easy for us to find new things for each. It was a very successful trip and we will continue to go back.”

Maryalice Lazarus
Rogers Trading Company (Birmingham, AL)

“AccessoriesTheShow is a beautiful, clean show. It’s more selective than others and attracts better, more qualified buyers. Also, you can tell show management really cares about their people; it’s the only show that cares about their exhibitors as much as they care about the buyers.”

Glenda Gies
Glenda Gies Design

“We like AccessoriesTheShow because we fit in but still stand out. We saw good quality retailers at the January edition and like how the show is three days long on a Sunday through Tuesday schedule. The lunches are great also!”

Georgette Kaplan
Ms. & Mrs.

“It was our first time exhibiting at AccessoriesTheShow and I think show management does a great job. The presentation of the show is great and everyone is very nice. It’s a good show to be in and is the best for us in terms of the buyers that attend. My favorite part is meeting buyers from all over the country and learning about their stores.”

Monica Restrepo
Blu Aura by Monica & Saide

“This was my first time showing at AccessoriesTheShow and being there was good exposure for my brand. I found new clientele and opened a big account in Mexico. I also really appreciate the quick and constant communication of the sales team.”

Joe Vilaiwan
Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry

“I met a handful of new stores and boutiques and even some magazine editors at AccessoriesTheShow. Good quality buyers attended, I opened new accounts, and my product was well-received. I was definitely excited to be there in September.”

Jared Handler
Yosef H

“It was our first show, so we are rookies, but AccessoriesTheShow was everything we hoped for and more. Traffic was great and the quality and diversity of buyers was also good. I was able to put pieces in the displays at the front of the show which was great exposure. Everything is very easy!”

Akenis Montane
Amanda's & Moore

“At the September edition of AccessoriesTheShow, we found all new customers- a few of which were international. We definitely picked up a lot of new people. Also, the team at AccessoriesTheShow is a pleasure to work with. It makes things easier when you have a sales person who is on the floor everyday and stops by your booth to see how you are doing.”

Ames Stevens

“We have a very niche market and we found it here at AccessoriesTheShow! The right buyers completely responded and as a result we got into some of our target stores. The show’s atmosphere is terrific as far as other exhibitors go and just very positive overall. We even had some press interest! We’re very happy.”

Annie Lansing
Ann Lansing

“I saw nice quality exhibitors at AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan. The shows are definitely well laid out and it’s easy to find things. I also like how these shows are calmer than and not as wild as other shows. It’s nice. You can quietly shop and get your work done. I know I’ll be back in February!”

Katherine Robertsburger
K Boutique (Chattanooga, TN)

“I attend AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and Fame because the vendors that I need to see are there. I also like the Javits; I prefer when shows are at convention centers.”

Bethany Mazza
Green Ink Boutique (Wickford, RI)

“AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and Fame are easy to navigate and laid out very well. They are always a good place to get a feel for what’s coming in fashion. Also, I really like the venue and how everything is all together. It’s convenient and we get a lot done in one swoop!”

Diane Maxey
The Shoe Closet (Wichita Falls, TX)

“The quality of exhibitors at AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan and Fame is good as well as the layout of the shows. There was definitely a good merchandise mix at the September editions. We picked up at least one or two new designers.”

Alicia Eger
Coco Blu (Wayne, PA)

“We had a good experience at AccessoriesTheShow. We saw the exhibitors we normally go to see and were able to breeze in and out.”

Gina Genz
Etc. East (Atlanta, GA)

“I’ve been going to AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan for at least 10 years now. I am glad they’re there and I enjoy going. We found what we were looking for at the August edition - we usually do!”

Diane Nicotera
Presence (Buffalo, NY)

“We’re a New York store so I really like the proximity of AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan. The merchandise mix is also good. Some of the brands we like to see at the shows are Brighton and Product Showroom.”

Rachel Ahrenholz
Rambling Rose (New Paltz, NY)

“What I like most about AccessoriesTheShow and Fame is that there are so many vendors in one place; you can get a lot done. Also, it is easy to get around the show floors and find what you are looking for. The overall quality of exhibitors is great. We mainly visited the booths of the brands we always do business with such as Steve Madden for shoes and Street Level for handbags.”

Kasey Clyde
My Favorite Shoes (Oxford, MS)

“We found a bunch of new lines at AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas. The show is easy to get to and easy to maneuver. We found what we were looking for.”

Holly Jones
The Mix (Omaha, NE)

“AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Las Vegas are easy to shop. We found new designers, both in clothing and accessories. They are well-done shows and I can’t think of anything I’d change about them.”

Dana Culbertson
JJ Wells (Boulder, CO)

“We had a great experience at AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Las Vegas. We found new designers and saw a lot of fresh, new stuff. The overall quality of exhibitors was great.”

Rebecca Baumann
Get Dressed (Dayton, OH)

“We have a consistent customer base who knows to come see us at AccessoriesTheShow. We’re always successful with them here and we open a handful of new accounts each show as well. The quality of buyers is good and I’ve noticed that there seems to be a good amount of international stores on the floor, which is a big bonus. I also like the look of AccessoriesTheShow. It has elevated greatly over the past years and mirrors the vibe of the show. It has a higher contemporary feel.”

Abby Massucci

“AccessoriesTheShow’s sales team is amazing. Absolutely impeccable! The best part of the show for me has been my experience working with them. It’s so nice being contacted regularly for new and different opportunities - nothing but swift and efficient lines of communications from the start. Such a refreshing surprise compared to my experiences with other shows.”

Bethel Collins

“AccessoriesTheShow is important because it’s all about exposure and building our business. It’s our sixth time showing at ATS and we opened quite a few new accounts. As long as we’re seeing new customers, it’s all good.”

Pat & Dat

“AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas is big buyers, making big purchases!”

Charles Albert
Charles Albert

“We’ve done AccessoriesTheShow in New York before and wanted to do the Las Vegas edition to see if we would have just as successful of an experience on the West Coast - and we did! Traffic was good and I am happy with the quality of retailers that I saw.”

Manuela Girone

“AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas is important for us because this is our show to meet West Coast buyers. We still see a mix though; we actually picked up a major account with a big East Coast customer. I was surprised by all the different places people were coming from. People from everywhere attended!”

Mojde Esfandiari

“The shows are definitely work but we always have a really good experience at AccessoriesTheShow and Fame. The quality of exhibitors was great and our May trip was successful. We always find what we are looking for when we attend.”

Brooke Clement
Alice Jane (Lutherville Timonium, MD)

“We always have a good experience at AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan, and Fame. It’s easy to register, they are well-laid out, easy to get to, and the transportation is great – it’s all very convenient! Easy shows with good quality exhibitors.”

Brittany Carlson
Dalton Pratt (Washington, DC)

“We shopped the May editions of AccessoriesTheShow, Moda Manhattan, and Fame. We like coming to New York and love how everything is all in one place at the Javits; it makes it easy. I thought the quality of exhibitors on the floor was great. We’re able to see exhibitors in the New York area that we don’t see anywhere else and the show is beautiful.”

Iva Fearing
Tassels (Morehead City, NC)

“I like everything about AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan and have not one complaint or suggestion to improve them... And for me, this is really good! I found several new vendors at both shows and especially appreciate the layout and ease of finding designers on the floor. It makes a very exhausting and tedious schedule so much easier for the buyers.”

Lauri Katz-Parker
Barbara Katz (Boca Raton, FL)

“The May edition of AccessoriesTheShow was amazing. One of the best shows we’ve ever done! We went over and above our sales goal. Everything was great from show management to the sales team to the venue and even the show’s décor.”

Erin Goodman
Pura Vida

“This was our first time exhibiting at AccessoriesTheShow and we are very pleased. The first day was really amazing and we made a lot of contacts. This show is important for us because our ideal customers are specialty stores and AccessoriesTheShow is where those buyers are. Some people we met knew our brand already, even if they were buying from us for the first time. The experience was very positive.”

Chiara Hay
Piero Guidi

“The sales team at AccessoriesTheShow is wonderful! You can tell that they truly care about their exhibitor, which is nice. Traffic stayed very consistent throughout the entire show and I thought the quality of retailers was great! It was a pleasure to be there working with that caliber of people. The overall experience was nice and I loved the look of the show, it’s very chic.”

Jana Feifer
Jana Feifer

“AccessoriesTheShow has a great atmosphere and a very supportive sales team. We had a great experience and look forward to future shows.”

Carla Vargas
Nuna Collection

“I’m a smaller boutique company based in the Midwest so AccessoriesTheShow is important because it’s the only place I see my customers. They expect to see me at the show so it’s crucial that I’m there. At the February edition I met with a lot of new stores and traffic was amazing.”

Tammy Spice
Tammy Spice Jewelry

“At AccessoriesTheShow, we met with a lot of good quality retailers and had orders placed by different boutiques from New York to D.C. The press outreach was also fantastic! We met contacts from all over.”

Kelly P. Brett
Vivienne Kelly

“We shopped all three shows and LOVED it! I thought there was a wide selection of vendors and great variety on the show floor. We discovered a new handbag line, JPK, which we’re excited about. We were very satisfied and can’t wait to go back.”

Stavroulla Ploutis Kokkinis
3 Sisters (Alexandria, VA)

“The quality of vendors at AccessoriesTheShow was very good - the jewelry especially. There were lots and lots to choose from.”

Diane Garcia
J. Ashley (Jacksonville, FL)

“I loved all three shows and everything I could possible want was there. The quality of designers was great, plus everyone was very friendly and I liked the venue.”

James Wilson
House of Jawi (Bernardsville, NJ)

“It was our first time to the New York shows and I thought they were great. There was a really nice mix of exhibitors and we found several new lines. We’ll definitely be back.”

Sandy Moore
AliKat (Glen Ellyn, IL)

“Since this was our first AccessoriesTheShow and a new outlet for ROCKFLOWERPAPER, it was sort of a test. The show proved to be a good fit for us and it’s where we belong. The quality of retailers was very good and they were definitely there to buy. I was very impressed overall. Show management is fabulous; they’re very organized and easy to work with. It was smooth and easy as far as operations go.”

Andy Spiegel

“The February edition of AccessoriesTheShow was definitely the most successful show we’ve ever had in Las Vegas. It’s important because it’s a market that connects the entire U.S.! Accounts that I normally see in LA or NY come here to shop the floor. The show helps us reach the retailers in the Southwest area and internationally as well. Overall, we found the quality of retailers very good and on the second day we had a higher quality than average place the most orders.”

Vanessa Urenda
ADA Collection

“It was my first time at AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas and it was great! We saw a good deal of our existing customers and met a lot of new ones as well. The show really does pull retailers nationwide- not just from the west coast like I was expecting! It was great seeing East Coast customers, as well as our Las Vegas and West Coast ones. Everyone on the sales team is fabulous and we’re excited for the next show!”

Raina Paquillo
Inge Christopher

“It was our first time at the Las Vegas edition of AccessoriesTheShow and I enjoyed it from start to finish. The show was very well-run and we opened a lot of new accounts. We surpassed our sales goals on the first day. The Las Vegas market is very important; because it is like a mecca where so many people congregate. It’s saturated with shows and you want to be in the one where you get noticed. I’ve been searching for the home that I like most for my company and AccessoriesTheShow felt the most right.”

Karin Johnston
KBD Studio

”We had a truly phenomenal experience at AccessoriesTheShow! The show is important because it exposes us to the demographic we’re looking for and is the best venue for us to meet buyers and to network.”

Lee Bell
Johnny Swain

“AccessoriesTheShow is always my #1 show! The traffic and the quality of retailers are great. We opened a lot of new accounts at the January edition and also saw many of our ‘regulars’ that placed orders as well. The show always attracts the right retailers.”

Diane Mirabile
Initial Reaction

“AccessoriesTheShow is important to us because we really value specialty store business. They’re our perfect customer and this is where we meet them. We met some really interesting retailers and opened up a lot of new accounts at the January show. Traffic was great!”

Molly Nolan
Laundry by Shelli Segal

“AccessoriesTheShow is our favorite tradeshow to attend. We always find what we are looking for. It is a very well-run show and the amenities AccessoriesTheShow provides are terrific.”

James Strebel
My Silver Bracelet (East Moriches, NY)

“AccessoriesTheShow is well-organized. We found what we were looking for and the amenities make the experience more enjoyable for buyers.”

Beatrice Vornle
Two B's Accessories (Westport, CT)

“It was my first time attending the August edition of AccessoriesTheShow; it definitely exceeded my expectations. The quality of vendors was above average and the price points were what I was looking for. I thought the shuttle buses were a great convenience to the retailers.”

Stephanie Rozanovich
Trend Boutique (Cincinnati, OH)

"Having exhibited for over 30 years my view is perhaps a little broader then usual because it takes in the whole picture from when AccessoriesTheShow was in its infancy to what it has grown into today. We feel the criteria for producing a world class event is experienced management in promotion, proper jurying, creating an exciting ambiance, buyer comfort, convenient layout of booths and exhibitors who contribute to making their customers buying trip an enjoyable process. Our sincere thanks to AccessoriesTheShow for their endless diligence in meeting all of the above."

Colleen & Paul Toland
Colleen Toland

"It is always a pleasure exhibiting at AccessoriesTheShow! As our fourth year exhibiting in AccessoriesTheShow, it is clear that both January and February shows had amazing retail traffic. We are treated well and appreciate all the efforts made by the show management to make our experience a positive one."

Kelley Lehner
Klub Nico

"The traffic at this show has been consistently steady throughout the past three days. We appreciate the layout of the show and feel that it has definitely leant to the success of our business. You can tell the economy is picking up, retailers are here to shop!"

Michelle Brodsky & Jen Gatz

"We have written orders and have seen a lot of interest in the line. This is our third time exhibiting with AccessoriesTheShow and I feel that the show draws the right retailer for our line."


"I find the layout of AccessoriesTheShow to be user friendly for retailers, as well as exhibitors. I especially love the design aspect of the carpet; it really sets the show apart from others."

Simon Tavassoli
B.B. Simon

"This is the first time that Sorrelli has exhibited at AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas and we had an amazing show. We met a lot of new retailers and made great contacts with some larger companies. Overall our experience at AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas was terrific and we can’t wait for New York."

Linda Borman
Sorrelli Jewelry

"We exhibit in the New York edition and it is always a great show, so we decided to try out AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas. We found the show to be such an enjoyable experience -from the relaxing environment to a show management team that couldn’t be more helpful; we will be coming back in August!"

Sue Schneider
Anne Koplik

"This was my first time exhibiting at AccessoriesTheShow and my experience has been great. Both boutique owners and big name buyers were in attendance. Also, the show management team is extremely friendly and helpful."

Elisabetta Ricciardi
Elisabetta Ricciardi

"The first day at AccessoriesTheShow has been great and the mood of the show is upbeat! This being our 10th year exhibiting, I can see that the serious business owners are in attendance today and it is clear to me that the show management team works hard to make sure the exhibitors and retailers are exactly where they should be."

Orly Ovadia
Lauren G. Adams

“I think AccessoriesTheShow is one of the best-run shows I attend. The venue is always aesthetically pleasing. As a proud owner of an independent store, I appreciate the thoughtful effort that goes into the staging of the vendors- clothing separate from accessories. The pre-registration is great and really saves precious shopping time by not having to stand in line. I know that I can always count on AccessoriesTheShow to have the “best of the best” in terms of selection and quality of products. Keep up the good work.”

Carol Winston
Accessories From the Heart (Lake Oswego, OR)

“AccessoriesTheShow was crowded with retailer traffic, especially the first day of the show. The merchandise mix at AccessoriesTheShow offered a wide range of price points, which is good for us because we carry a variety of lines and price points that appeal to every one of our customers. The quality of the vendors at the show was good and we found several new lines that we are looking forward to introducing to our clientele.”

Lisa Kane
Destination Rewards (Boca Raton, FL)

“I needed to replenish my inventory and was really looking forward to seeing what new merchandise was available at AccessoriesTheShow. I was so pleased to see how many collections there were to choose from and appreciated the convenience of the complimentary lunch and amenities. I plan on attending many future shows.”

Penelope Rogers
Penelope Rogers (St. Louis, MO)

“I attended AccessoriesTheShow hoping to discover new lines of merchandise for my boutique and was thrilled to find a new line to add to the scarves, jewelry and handbags we already carry. The show is one of the most organized and well-run shows that I attend. I always have fantastic buying experiences at AccessoriesTheShow.”

Candace Brown
Therapy Boutique (Wakefield, RI)

“I enjoy AccessoriesTheShow because I can visit all my regular designers in one place.”

Mary Linda Petrey
The Pink Slip Boutique (London, KY)

“AccessoriesTheShow is a great show! I like the layout of the show floor. I also appreciate the amenities that are offered to the buyers.”

Jeanne McNeill
Scarlet (Little Rock, AR)

“AccessoriesTheShow is always important for me to attend.”

Melodi Ramquist
Metropark (Los Angeles, CA)

“I always find great vendors and new merchandise at AccessoriesTheShow.”

Sam Desner
Foravi (New York, NY)

“AccessoriesTheShow offers a nice range of price points and I like the set-up. AccessoriesTheShow is overall a great show.”

Brooke James
Zappos.com (Henderson, NV)

“AccessoriesTheShow is a well-run show. I discover new vendors at the show while placing orders. I really appreciate the complimentary lunch that is provided to buyers as well.”

Beth Ingham
Lilac Bijoux (Annapolis, MD)

“This season at AccessoriesTheShow, my company, whats-in-store, experienced great growth in brand exposure to national media, sales to a wide geographic range of boutique retailers, and relationship-building with volume buyers and chain stores. Each year, the January, May, and August editions of AccessoriesTheShow continue to be the benchmark for our company's performance in the accessories market, providing great feedback from educated buyers, valuable networking with esteemed competitors, and trend directions for our domestic markets.”

Dena Ferrell Nance

"We were thrilled with AccessoriesTheShow! Shoeclips.biz launched its wholesale business six months ago and AccessoriesTheShow was our first time emerging into the fashion market. Having been a business owner for years, I have participated in many trade shows in the past and I have to say that AccessoriesTheShow is truly a high-end, class act show. The complimentary and ‘out of this world’ catering, fantastic booth location and presentation, cleanliness, and helpfulness from all event and building staff, were the key ingredients to the high-end show. To top things off is the outstanding quality of serious, high-end retailers who crowded our booth at AccessoriesTheShow, including large retailers like Stein Mart and Anthropologie. Needless to say, we cannot wait for the next show.”

Karen Robertson

"Bottom line is that we had an amazing show - AccessoriesTheShow did not disappoint. They brought the buyers out! Our numbers were up from the last show and we are overall really pleased with our experience at AccessoriesTheShow."

Gina Riley
Rebel Designs

"We are excited to exhibit with AccessoriesTheShow in New York and Las Vegas because our experience at the shows have been very successful for our company!"

Vanessa Swarovski Piedra

"We are very happy with the retailers at AccessoriesTheShow. You can tell the economy is starting to pick up because retailers have begun really buying again. The show management team at AccessoriesTheShow is great as well; we joined the show because of how much we love the staff."

Ximena Kavalekas-Ramirez
DX Touch

"AccessoriesTheShow just keeps getting better and better. Between the shows décor, the buyer traffic and the quality of stores, AccessoriesTheShow is able to provide it all to its exhibitors. In addition, the show staff is great and always very helpful."

Becky Rosenberg

"I am very pleased with AccessoriesTheShow! We plan to build and grow each season and every year with the show in Las Vegas and New York!"

Krystyna Schexnayder
Saints & Sirens Showroom

"I really enjoy exhibiting in AccessoriesTheShow. I feel like AccessoriesTheShow has a boutique show feeling as opposed to the giant convention center shows I have done in the past. The show feels more relaxed - there is sunshine, music and a very pleasant staff."

Mary Brennan
Marry Brennan & Co.