Far And Wide

The energy on AccessoriesTheShow Pavilon, Moda Manhattan and Fame’s show floors was outstanding to say the least. Spring buying interest was very pronounced as you scoured the shows’ resources in search of feel-good colors. Cheery brights were in high demand as well as the season’s newest collections. The upbeat mood continued through the entire first day as evidenced by the robust orders you wrote. Ready-To-Wear, accessories and junior, young contemporary collections were all together showcasing the very best selections on every retailer’s wish lists.

You came from near and far for a first look of the hottest styles soon to be found in your stores. By day’s end, buyers from 43 states and 43 countries had shopped the Shows. Judging from the time you spent on all three show floors, our one-stop shopping environment proved to be very popular. The designers also told us that they were elated to display their most progressive and up-to-the-minute lines to so many of the world’s most cherished retailers in such a welcoming and enjoyable business environment.

We look forward to another big day today! Come see what we have for you… Show hours on Monday are 9am to 6pm and Tuesday, 9am to 4pm.