Designers Spotlight – Italca


What is one of Your Key Items for this upcoming 2011 Fall/Winter season?  Our key is the color used for this season’s collection. The color was used with Italian taste for a new season of pieces.

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Where do you draw inspiration from?  The world changes fast and the streets of the world give us the inspiration for updating our products.

How do you start the design process when creating a new collection?  We start our design process for a new collection by knowing what the new trends are and how we want to use them in our designs. We also use our years of experience in the industry to help start our design vision. In addition, we listen and follow the direction our customers give us in terms of what they are looking for in a new collection from Italca.

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season?  Retailers will be drawn to all of Italca’s new pieces this season. Our new pieces are simple but original with a very good mix between price and quality.

What changes have you noticed in retail over the last year?  I find that people are a little less fearful of the economic environment. There is a brighter outlook on what is happening right now where people are looking for a more positive way of living.

If you could dress a celebrity, who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why?  Italca’s products are for everybody, not just celebrities. Our goal at Italca is to make sure our accessories make people feel better about one self.

What 3 items are essential to you during market week?  Color, color, and more color.

Company:  ITALCA 

Contact:  Ivan Carrozzo

Title:  President

Booth: 807