Designer Spotlight – Skemo

Romina Habermann

Designer – Skemo Shoes & Bags

Booth: 826


What is one of your key items for the upcoming Immediate Holiday/Resort 2011-12?

I am very excited with the versatility of our Woven Jute Beach Bag. It is a big beach bag but it is soft and flexible enough to fit in your luggage.

From where do you draw inspiration?

I find that lately I am inspired by all that surrounds me such as pieces of fabric, a semi-precious stone, even a piece of furniture I’ve seen in an antique shop.

How do you start the design process when creating a new collection?

The design process begins when I start thinking of what I would love to wear.

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season?

This season my new combinations of eye-catching fabrics and textures, as well as shoes that complement the perfect bag, are sure to draw attention to the collection.

What changes have you noticed in retail over the last year?

The consumer wants the merchandise that they purchase to have a “wow” factor. Also, as always, customers want quality materials and fabrics that are relative to the price they are paying.

If you could dress a celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would dress Elle McPherson because she is beautiful, exudes an inner beauty and is always classy.

What three items are essential to you during market week?

Three items that are essential during market week are a credit card, a roller bag, and a Skemo Comfort Sandal so you can shop til you drop!