Designer Spotlight – Anne-Marie Chagnon

Anne-Marie Chagnon


Booth: 816


What is one of your key items for this upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 season?

Colourful paintings gleam through transparent resin for this collection. The miniaturized oils and charcoals that I draw are nestled in the heart of the pieces by merging features and adding splashes of translucent colour; this gives the resin an intimate and exclusive touch.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I am a sponge. Inspiration awaits everywhere I go; when I venture through the city, a grandiose bridge may spark my imagination or even a humble balcony just the same. My creative spirit is equally influenced by seemingly incompatible concrete objects, as well as music, architecture and people.

How do you start the design process when creating a new collection?

To start the design process, I need tons of white pages and a pen with an eraser on the tip. I sit and welcome the ideas that pop in my mind and I regale myself!

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season?

My jewelry speaks for itself – different, timeless, bold and elegant. It is appreciated by a very wide range of women, both in age and in style. My collections please the one who seeks for unique creations.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why?

To answer this question, I would ask: “Tell me who comes to your mind when you think of authenticity, and independence of mind?” She is exactly the one I would choose!

What is your personal fashion philosophy?

Make the fashion, don’t follow it! Sure, fashion surrounds us, but I don’t consider it; I am being faithful to myself, instinctive and authentic.

What three items are essential to you during market week?

Three items that are essential to me during market week are a good collection, a good team and a good pair of shoes.