Designer Spotlight – Agency Showroom

Stacy Holmes
Booth: 1341

What accessory lines will Agency Showroom be representing at AccessoriesTheShow?

The lines Agency Showroom will be representing at the August 2011 edition  of AccessoriesTheShow in New York are Ana Karolina Jewelry, Cuffs Couture,  Darlin Scarves and Lucky Star Jewels.

What can buyers expect to see from your Holiday/Resort 2011-12 collections?

We only represent lines that are well-priced and on point with trends our buyers  want. We consult with our clients to ensure they are creating collections that  are in line with the buyers’ demands. Each designer revises, adds, deletes and  expands for every season, so that the buyers see a fresh new collection and can  count on us to always surprise them.

How did you develop your interest and expertise in the fashion industry?

As a personal shopper and assistant to Jack Nicholson for many years, I had to  always be on the hunt for unique items to buy for his long list of female friends.  He never skipped a chance to give a birthday gift, and the pressure was all  mine! I stumbled upon a gal who made jewelry on the side, and turned it into  a very successful press/celebrity driven company. I realized how much I loved  consulting and fashion, and opened my showroom in 2003.

Describe the type of retailer that carries Agency Showroom lines.

The stores that carry our lines are the ones who love on-trend, affordable, wearable  accessories such as Shopbop, Fred Segal, Nordstrom Trend and CUSP.

Where do you see opportunities for your showroom going forward?

We know that today’s buyers are bombarded with calls and emails all day long.  We set ourselves apart by using only the very best visuals with regards to line  sheets and e-blasts. Marketing is our specialty so we are improving in that area  daily. We never dump PDF line sheets on our buyers, as we know they get over  a hundred emailed to them every month and just hit the delete button. We are  always finding ways to get the visuals to our buyers without overwhelming them,  yet we are exciting them to ask for more information. Tempting buyers with  gorgeous images and one great tag line is Marketing 101 really!

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have had over 30 jobs since the age of 15. I worked in the restaurant business  forever, managed salons, modeled all over the world and reinvented myself more  times than Madonna! I knew I would have kids later in life, so I had to pack as  much ME time in as I could.

What are the three things you cannot live without?

My husband and two sons of course! After that would be MY STAFF!!! You are  only as great as your team and without them I would be lost.