Designer Spotlight: Jose Azulay (UNOde50)


The Javits Center, NYC | August 2-4, 2015 | Booth: 625 Q&A with Jose Azulay / Owner of UNOde50 How did UNOde50 come about?The brand was conceived at the end of the 90s by a team of designers intent on creating a jewelry style that would break away from everything that had come before. The genuine UNOde50 seal exudes originality in each and every one of its creations. If there is one thing that all these pieces share, it is daring, attention to detail, and an exclusive DNA that renders the brand both unique and different.Has the brand’s philosophy changed over … [Read more...]

Designer Spotlight: Ruti Horn (Ruti Horn)


The Javits Center, NYC | August 2-4, 2015 | Booth: 609 Q&A with Ruti Horn / Owner + Designer of Ruti HornWhen did you first know that you wanted to be an accessories designer?Accessory design is in my blood! My late grandfather had a business in lapidaries and I was always fascinated by it. In 7th grade, I would recycle old jewelry and create new wears for myself. My passion for creating wearable art (and never throwing anything away) is really what eventually evolved into a full-time business manufacturing women’s accessories.What has been your biggest achievement as a … [Read more...]

Designer Spotlight: Finn (Virgins Saints & Angels)


The Javits Center, NYC | August 2-4, 2015 | Booth: 413 Q&A with Finn / Founder + Designer of Virgins Saints & AngelsWhen did you first discover that you wanted to be a jewelry designer?My father and his side of the family are artistic so I knew that I inherited a talent, I just never knew how it would reveal itself. When I moved to Central Mexico, metal seemed to be a natural material to start playing with. After a few months of playing around, I started to realize this was going to be something I could dig my teeth into.What has been your biggest achievement as a … [Read more...]

Designer Spotlight: Tracy Appleton Tarrant (Love Light Compassion)


  The Javits Center, NYC | August 2-4, 2015 | Booth: 309 Q&A with Tracy Appleton Tarrant / Co-Founder of Love Light Compassion Inc.In a nutshell, why does the Love Light Compassion Foundation exist?The Love Light Compassion Foundation was formed in 2014 to provide emergency financial assistance to patients and their families during a major medical crisis in our local and global communities. One hundred percent of all donations and the proceeds from the foundation’s compassion based jewelry support this mission.How did the jewelry line come about?I created a … [Read more...]

Designer Spotlight: Shervin Arastoozad (Cut N’ Paste)


The Javits Center, NYC | August 2-4, 2015 | Booth: 527 Q&A with Shervin Arastoozad / Design Brand Sales Cut N' PasteWHAT IS THE MEANING BEHIND THE BRAND’S NAME? Six years ago before the brand was even born, I was asked to make a fringe bag for a personal shopper, so I did what came naturally to me and cut pieces of leathers. I essentially made her what was our first fringe style - which is still one of our bestselling pieces. We continue to design our handbags by cutting different leathers and literally pasting them onto different shapes or fabrics/leathers before sending them … [Read more...]

Designer Spotlight: Christina J. Wang (CJW)


The Javits Center, NYC | August 2-4, 2015 | Booth: 410 Q&A with Christina J Wang / Owner + Designer CJW WHERE DID THE CJW BRAND VISION COME FROM? I am formally trained as a fine artist. The idea of creating scarves began with wanting to extend my art practice beyond the traditional surfaces of linen and paper to wearable fabrics. I conceive my scarves conceptually very similarly to the way I conceive my art, centered around inspiration gathered from my daily life.ARE YOU SELF-TAUGHT OR DID YOU STUDY FASHION DESIGN? I did not study fashion or have any prior … [Read more...]

NY Designer Spotlight: Caitlin Crosby (The Giving Keys)


The Javits Center, NYC | April 27-29, 2015 | Booth: 514How did it all begin? It all started with a New York hotel room key when I was passing through NYC on my music tour for my first album in 2008. I wore the key as a necklace and had the idea to start engraving old, used keys with inspirational words. Realizing that in a way we are all like these keys – unique, flawed, scarred. Their message is yours for a time, but once they’ve served their purpose, I started encouraging people to pay it forward to inspire others.In a nutshell, why does The Giving Keys brand exist? The Giving Keys … [Read more...]

New York Behind the Lines: Serefina


The Javits Center, NYC | April 27-29, 2015 | Booth: TBA Inspired by arts and crafts of South East Asia, Serefina uses beautiful natural feathers, exotic leather and semi-precious stones and combines it with unique vintage chains and findings from the 60s and 70s. Their mission is to bring the exquisite quality and warmth of hand-made jewelry and accessories to fit an everyday life of a modern woman.FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT SEREFINA’S WEBSITE.Follow BJI Fashion Group on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  for updates! … [Read more...]

NY Designer Spotlight: Kim Nations (Kris Nations Jewels)


The Javits Center, NYC | April 27-29, 2015 | Booth: 403As sisters, how do you balance each other out in business? A lot of people always tell us they could never work with their siblings. I think because we have similar goals for our business and our personal lives, we are working side by side and supporting each other every day to reach our goals. We want to see each other succeed.Where does the Kris Nations vision come from? We often think about our friends, their individual styles, and what THEY would like and want to wear. Because we are thinking of a lot of different types … [Read more...]

New York Behind the Lines: Namarata Joshipura


The Javits Center, NYC | April 27-29, 2015 | Booth: TBA Namrata Joshipura’s vision is that of a global aesthetic.  After having lived in New York for eight years, she moved back to New Delhi and is considered one of India’s leading contemporary designers, having a significant following among Bollywood starlets and fashionistas. An important signature element is her innovative use of color – strong expressions of color contrasted with beautiful embellishments.FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT NAMARATA JOSHIPURA’S WEBSITE.Follow BJI Fashion Group on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  for updates! … [Read more...]