Onigo Imports: Designer Spotlight NYC

Onigo Imports / Daniel Merizen, President, Owner, Designer / www.onigo.com  How did this line come about?This line of sun hats was created almost 20 years ago. I designed this line in collaboration with a designer in France. It is produced by artisans on the island of Madagascar. Where does manufacturing take place?The production of these fabulous products does not take place in a factory. A cooperative of women produces them in their homes. The wares are collected and with the help of a team of skilled artisans are then finished to meet global standards. How … [Read more...]

John Wind: Designer Spotlight NYC

John Wind / John Wind, Founder & Designer / johnwindwholesale.comIt was the ‘80s after all...I began making jewelry while studying at the Slade School of Fine Art in London; on weekends I would visit Portobello Road or Brick Lane and find fabulous vintage bits... then I'd rush home, glue them into big, funky collage brooches, and wear them out at night (think Culture Club and The Thompson Twins!). I also fell in love with Victorian jewelry for its beauty and symbolism, and set out to do something similar, but in a fun, fashionable way. What role does vintage style play in … [Read more...]

G-Lish: Designer Spotlight NYC

G-lish / Gabrielle Hoffman, Creative Director /  www.g-lish.comWhat inspired you to introduce a line of accessories to complement the brand?I can’t remember the exact moment, but it started with designing accessories for Anthropologie as a request. We were able to expand our offering based on the demand for different product categories How has your background in the industry influenced your own design process?My background with designer labels such as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and Escada has been focused on embellishment. They would seek my designs for inspiration … [Read more...]

Fiat Lux: Designer Spotlight NYC

  Fiat Lux / Laura Bowman, Manager / www.fiatluxsf.comWhat does your shop’s name mean?Our shop’s name is in Latin and it means “stand into the light” or “let there be light.” In antiquity, the expression appeared above the doorways of institutions of learning and creation, schools for academics and craftsmen. “We are the sailors who build our ships plank by plank on the open sea.”It’s a paraphrase of a 20th Century linguist and philosopher that describes his view of how we acquire language, like sailors adrift in a monolithic, churning sea, who must build ships … [Read more...]

Co-Lab: Designer Spotlight NYC

Co-Lab  / Chris Kon, Owner / www.co-lab.ca   How did it all begin?It started 10 years ago when we felt it was needed to bring our expertise in leather to the non-leather world. There was a need for great contemporary bags at great prices. What are the free attributes in life and how have they shaped the brand’s vision?For us, life is about quality. Free and fun. We tie in simplicity with quirky and fun little details that set the bags apart. How does your design team go about creating a fabulous CO-LABoration between your customer and her bag?We … [Read more...]

Accessories Magazine’s 5 Big Trends of S/S’16 Recap

Check out the recap from BJI Fashion Group's partnership with Accessories Magazine at the January 2016 NYC edition of AccessoriesTheShow! Trend Director Courtney Ignelzi walks us through the 5 Big Trends for S/S '16. Accessories Magazine trend display powered by Accessories Directions Trend Forecasting, the only all-accessories trend service in the industry. Video: Peter Roessler … [Read more...]

Wolf Circus Jewelry: Behind the Lines NYC

Fiona Morrison created Wolf Circus Jewelry after purchasing a wolf head ring and noticing the discussion and compliments a simple piece of jewelry could bring. The brand is based out of Vancouver, Canada where the line is also handmade. Each piece in the collection is inspired by the confidence it brings the wearer. Wolf Circus Jewelry is intended for the bold, beautiful, brainy and badass. These pieces aim to inspire confidence and spark imagination every time you slip them on. … [Read more...]

Triple C: Behind the Lines NYC

Triple C will be unveiling new products such as "BluSpark 2" and “Power Shot +” at AccessoriesTheShow. BluSpark 2 are wireless Bluetooth headphones with built-in mic and control button on headband for hands-free mobile calling, music and volume control. Power Shot + (pictured) is a portable battery pack capable of charging your iPhone using the lightning pin inside the cap, no cable required! You can also charge another device using the USB port at the top of the Power Shot +. These products come in new prints, so you can choose the one that best fits your personal taste and style. … [Read more...]

Rock + Pillar: Behind the Lines NYC

Rock + Pillar are two co-founders who set out to realize their dream; a dream to keep traditional skills like cobbling, weaving and leather working alive. Through this preservation, future generations can learn from and keep these practices alive. They apprentice and work with generational artisans who are experts in cobbling, leather and weaving. Together they create. The final result is their handmade, exquisite boots and bags that stand the test of time. … [Read more...]

One OAK by Sara: Behind the Lines NYC

One OAK (standing for "one of a kind") by Sara plants one tree through their partner American Forests® for each piece of jewelry sold. One OAK by Sara currently focuses their tree planting effort in the United States as part of the Global ReLeaf Program. The program focuses on large-scale forest-restoration projects, expanding critical wildlife habitats, cleaning our air and water, and removing millions of tons of pollution and greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. One OAK by Sara is proud to play a part, along with its retail partners and customers, in helping to combat climate change and … [Read more...]