Ammanii Jewelry: Designer Spotlight NYC

  Ammanii Jewelry Contact: Amany Shaker, Owner/CEOWebsite: Tell us a little about your mission and what influenced your vision for this line.The seed of an idea started at the end of 2015 in Los Angeles. It was about creating something that will utilize my past career experiences and satisfies my desire to create and design jewelry. I found jewelry to be the neutral and beautiful medium that would transcend all cultural barriers and unite women. Through my experiences working around the globe, I came to understand and appreciate the value of redefining our … [Read more...]

Pura Vida: Designer Spotlight NYC

Pura Vida Contact: Erin Goodman, President of SalesWebsite:  How did it all begin?Five years ago, a college graduation trip to Costa Rica turned into a life-changing business venture for two Southern California friends, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman. Between the stunning sunsets and the rolling waves, it was not long before these two friends began to appreciate the simple lifestyle of the people they encountered. What is the meaning behind the brand’s name?“Pura vida” is Spanish for “pure life”, a Costa Rican philosophy that … [Read more...]

Printed Village: Designer Spotlight NYC

Printed Village Contact: Jason Faulkner, Founder, Sales DirectorWebsite: Who is Printed Village?PV is an online community for designers. Open to the public, we launch themed design challenges and help launch unknown artists into the world of retail. What has been one of the most successful ways you have marketed your business?Our designers and retail partners are our biggest supporters. They help us get the brand and the products into the world. We try every season to put together print collections that people can connect to and love … [Read more...]

Pietro: Designer Spotlight NYC

Pietro NYC dba Park Avenue International Contact: Alexander Dabagh, Co-Founder, Creative DirectorWebsite: AccessoriesTheShow and Pietro NYC have a long history together. Why do you continue to show with us after all this time?In a word, continuity. Our longstanding customers look for us at ATS to introduce new styles as well as new leathers. We also look to ATS to help us be visible to new customers and help us grow our existing customer base. What does being “a family owned and operated business in NYC ” mean to the brand?It’s our … [Read more...]

Liquid Metal: Designer Spotlight NYC

Liquid Metal Contact: Sergio Gutierrez, Designer/OwnerWebsite: www.sgliquidmetal.comShowroom: / 213-553-9290  What inspired your patented technique for creating wearable metal mesh from ball chain?The inspiration came out of the old metal classic ring chain link mesh of the old medieval times, known for its soft and fluid mesh and its smooth, silky feel on the skin. Also the romance of the renaissance period with its majestic architectural grand cathedrals has been a fascination that I have tried to apply to my designs in jewelry … [Read more...]

David Aubrey: Designer Spotlight NYC

David Aubrey Contact: Jennifer Arago, PresidentWebsite: Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design? I was first captivated by the jewelry trade while attending nursing school at night and working as a designer’s apprentice by day. This experience was an awakening of sorts, I quickly realized that nursing would not fuel my creative fire quite the same way. Describe your creative process when designing.The primary inspirations behind my designs are texture and color. Most of the collections start with one finding that … [Read more...]

Adorne: Designer Spotlight NYC

  Adorne Contact: Toni Holt, Managing DirectorWebsite: What is Adorne’s brand mission?Developed under the influence of fashion, our high-energy aesthetic is full of life with a focus on quality, emphasis on inspiration and commitment to seasonal trends. We have created a brand that embraces those extra details and added features, allowing the customer to develop her own style. Our passionate team works hard behind the scenes to develop relatable messages that inspire. We want our women to feel confident, ambitious and empowered. How … [Read more...]

Onigo Imports: Designer Spotlight NYC

Onigo Imports / Daniel Merizen, President, Owner, Designer /  How did this line come about?This line of sun hats was created almost 20 years ago. I designed this line in collaboration with a designer in France. It is produced by artisans on the island of Madagascar. Where does manufacturing take place?The production of these fabulous products does not take place in a factory. A cooperative of women produces them in their homes. The wares are collected and with the help of a team of skilled artisans are then finished to meet global standards. How … [Read more...]

John Wind: Designer Spotlight NYC

John Wind / John Wind, Founder & Designer / johnwindwholesale.comIt was the ‘80s after all...I began making jewelry while studying at the Slade School of Fine Art in London; on weekends I would visit Portobello Road or Brick Lane and find fabulous vintage bits... then I'd rush home, glue them into big, funky collage brooches, and wear them out at night (think Culture Club and The Thompson Twins!). I also fell in love with Victorian jewelry for its beauty and symbolism, and set out to do something similar, but in a fun, fashionable way. What role does vintage style play in … [Read more...]

G-Lish: Designer Spotlight NYC

G-lish / Gabrielle Hoffman, Creative Director /  www.g-lish.comWhat inspired you to introduce a line of accessories to complement the brand?I can’t remember the exact moment, but it started with designing accessories for Anthropologie as a request. We were able to expand our offering based on the demand for different product categories How has your background in the industry influenced your own design process?My background with designer labels such as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and Escada has been focused on embellishment. They would seek my designs for inspiration … [Read more...]