BJI Fashion Group Thanks You For Your Generous Compliments

Your kind words were heard loud and clear throughout the first day of the show. From the décor to the lines on the show floor to the layout, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Las Vegas hit a responsive note on all chords. We are extremely proud to have been your shopping destination yesterday as Sunday turned out to be an amazing opening day. Retailers shopped the floor’s resources with optimism and curiosity. A more vibrant message couldn’t have been sent with orders being written up until the last minute of the Late Night Wine Reception. Retailers took full advantage of the extended hours and shopped the show’s resources in depth. The buzz and energy surrounding the new lines on the show floor were hard to miss. There is still plenty of time to shop AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Las Vegas. Show hours today are 9am-6pm and Tuesday, 9am-4pm. We look forward to seeing you and don’t forget the vast array of amenities offered on the show floor including breakfast, coffee/tea, lunch, Dasani bottled water and Taxi Reimbursement (Up to $10 for retailers, show days only).