AccessoriesTheShow New York — Designer Spotlight: UNOde50


Jose Azulay


Booth 409


How did UNOde50 get its name?

UNOde50 was launched with the original and exclusive philosophy of creating 50 of each design, giving rise to the brand name. Now, thanks to the success we have achieved, production (and with it the UNOde50 family) has increased. However our name remains unchanged to remind us of how the quality and exclusivity of every piece remains our priority, as they were originally. This claim also continues with the ‘Limited Editions’ we launch with each collection.


Where does the manufacturing process take part?

At UNOde50, the creation of each masterpiece follows a unique process. From the initial sketch to the final model, the metal elements for every product undergo a meticulous process of cutting, engraving and refining by hand, performed by experts at the company’s workshops in Madrid.


Does the company try to keep with the trends or create its own?

We’re a brand that doesn’t follow trends because we have a unique style that allows us to be different from others. Also, we always follow our philosophy and brand values: creativity, exclusivity, artisanship and “Made in Spain.”


When a woman is shopping UNOde50, how should they go about choosing an item most fitting for them?

A woman should not be afraid to go outside of her comfort zone with UNOde50. It is important to try the pieces on because you may end up liking something you never would have chosen for yourself.


What are the key pillars in your collections that help distinguish your brand?

What makes us different from the other brands is our own design of our pieces. Our 100% handcrafted “Made in Spain” production process makes us different with unique designs and an added value.