AccessoriesTheShow New York — Designer Spotlight: TwoA Jewelry

TwoA Jewelry

Ayana Fishman & Anat Shapiro

Owners & Designers

Booth: 912


What has been your main source of inspiration in creating the brand?

It all started four years ago when two soulmate friends had a burst of creativity and decided to initiate a new fresh, bold accessory line. The main inspiration was the urban vibrant life in big cities; its hustle, instinctual and storming unceasing rhythm. And among all that, there are the women – strong, independent, mature and the careerist – who have a “say” and the need to state their own unique styling presence!


Which characteristics help define TwoA’s signature “Bohemian-Chic” style?

Bohemian Chic (for us) is the “out of the box” designing, with amorphous and “edgy” looks; the creation of versatile designs and breaking through the boundaries.


How has the line developed over time?

Our line has developed in time along with our courage to dare more and more with our designs. The vast market demand for our unique rubber line has been so vital and encouraging for us.


Explain how the brand’s unique designs complement both everyday and highfashion looks.

Our designs are usually big and dominant, characterized by the strong and energetic women, both day by day as casual look or at work, as well as for flashy evening high style appearances.


Where can your collection be found?

You can find our designs at about 100 selected boutiques in the USA and Canada, several museums and galleries and on our website of course.


In your opinion, what is the distinction between style and fashion?

Fashion is a global trend that covers all aspects of life. Style is every woman’s personal taste which is unique for her and her desired chosen look.