AccessoriesTheShow New York – Designer Spotlight: ShameOnJane

Kimberly Pauley


Booth: 2159


Describe your Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

ShameOnJane jewelry is all about fun. No matter what the season, we try to provide women with jewelry that makes them smile. Our Fall/Winter collection has even more personalized necklaces, rings and bracelets with our trendy modern twist.


Where does your main source of inspiration come from when designing a new collection?

My customers are my inspiration. Since many of our pieces are personalized, we spend a lot of time figuring out exactly what will make each customer happy. We collaborate on how to give the customer pieces that fit what they want.


Do you try to keep with the trends or create your own?

I try to take a trend and incorporate it into a classic. For example, the monogram necklace is a classic, but every season we invent new ways to make it fresh and exciting.


What’s one staple accessory that you think every woman should own?

Every woman should own a piece of personalized jewelry, of course.


What is your brand doing to address the growing importance of social media and how has it impacted your business?

We make an effort to reach out to our customers through social media on a daily basis. Social media makes it easier for ShameOnJane to promote the stores that carry our line. Our customers seem to use Instagram the most because they love to show off their personalized Twitter and name necklaces.


How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion?

I love looking at the women on the streets of New York City. They are the trendsetters before anything even reaches a magazine.


What do you consider to be the world’s best fashion city?

I consider New York City to be the best fashion city because I grew up here!