AccessoriesTheShow New York – Designer Spotlight: Padhma Creation

Kesang Yudron


Booth: 2439


What is the inspiration behind Padhma Creation?

The inspiration behind Padhma Creation is the strong and optimistic women of Nepal. Despite having been victims of various social injustices, they are always willing to strive for a better tomorrow. Also – the beautiful, classic and irreplaceable art of knitting.


How do you “empower women one stitch at a time?”

We empower our women by providing such things as free and quality skill training by professionals, a sustainable job leading to complete financial independence, full education scholarships for the knitter’s children to strengthen their future, free healthcare for women knitters and financial assistance to the women for dire needs.


Which elements are most important to the company in order to continue uplifting women?

The most important element for our company to continue uplifting women is to understand our women and their experiences. Without doing so we would never know what their capabilities and strengths are. Secondly, but equally important, is providing the women with quality skill training which leads to superior products that generate good sales in which create more jobs.


What is one of your “must-have” items for this upcoming Holiday/Resort ’13-14 season?

Our ‘13-14 collection is fun, trendy and stylish for everyone. The collection consists of slouchy beanies, crochet berets and graphic beanies with matching hand warmers. In addition, we have trendy knit and crochet cowl scarves, boot-cuffs and legwarmers.


In your opinion what is the distinction between style and fashion?

In my opinion, fashion is what’s trendy and “in” right now. Style, on the other hand, is a person’s own opinion and their own choice customized to suit their own personality and body.


What would people be surprised to know about you?

In college I volunteered and interned at many non-profits. While interning at YMCA in Minneapolis and volunteering to build trails in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, I met many people who worked hard to make a difference in the world. Their desire to do some good and make a positive difference in the lives of others was very inspiring to me. After I graduated from college, I packed my bags and went back to Nepal and started this wonderful project.