AccessoriesTheShow New York – Designer Spotlight: Faire Collection

Amanda Judge & Anna Kallett

CEO/Founder & Boutique Sales Innovator

Booth: 100


Tell us a little about Faire Collection’s recent rebranding.

The overwhelming success of Andean Collection propelled our CEO, Amanda, to explore beyond the Andes. She is a true globetrotter, having visited and lived in more than 25 countries.

Throughout her travels,Amanda and our designers curate inspired designs made with the finest materials and techniques from Vietnam, Swaziland, Peru, and the Amazon basin of Ecuador. This expansion beyond Ecuador has led the company to develop a brand name that represents this new broad and diverse group of artisans.


What is the main source of inspiration behind the line?

Our style is inspired as much by the fluid and cutting-edge street fashion found in New York City(our headquarters), as it is by the diverse artisan communities we visit around the globe.


What are some materials used in your collections making them so unique?

We work with several kinds of natural materials that are sustainably sourced from all over the world. In Ecuador, we use tagua, acai, pambil, coconut, and jabonchillo seeds. The seeds are transformed into beads, which have sculptural natural irregularities, both in color and form. Each piece is truly one of a kind. Our hats are made from up-cycled felted wool, which is leftover material from felt factories. We use super-fine baby alpaca from Peru, which is the highest quality alpaca in the world. In Swaziland, our jewelry is made from sisal, a natural fiber, and batik cotton. Lastly, in Vietnam, we use recycled bullhorn that has been discarded by local stockyards. Bullhorn is an ideal material for craftsmen because it can be molded and sculpted into different shapes by applying heat and water. Bullhorn is also unique in its natural color variation and each horn has a different combination of colors.


How does your company maintain its reputation as a leading social enterprise dedicated to transparency?

Faire Collection’s objective is to create positive change in impoverished communities. We believe that fair employment is the most sustainable way for people in these communities to emerge from poverty. Our primary aim is to provide artisans with a steady source of income so they can shift focus from immediate needs, such as where their next meal will come from, and begin to plan for the future. When a family knows how much they will earn in a year, they can make productive investments with confidence. We provide each workshop with an estimated minimum order schedule so the artisans can accurately estimate their yearly income.