AccessoriesTheShow New York – Designer Spotlight: Bijoux Num

Num Nontapun


Booth: 1925


Describe your Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

Our Fall/Winter collection is all about simple luxury. We create statement pieces that women can wear out at night yet versatile enough to wear during the day at work.


Where does your main source of inspiration come from when designing a new collection?

I find my inspiration while travelling. I always have my sketchbook with me.


Do you try to keep with the trends or create your own?

I create pieces with my own unique style. However, I like to use gemstones that embody the color of the season.


What’s one staple accessory that you think every woman should own?

I believe every woman should own a statement pearl necklace. I also believe a long baroque pearl necklace makes a strong statement.


What is your brand doing to address the growing importance of social media and how has it impacted your business?

While social media offers an opportunity for branding, we still find the best way to do business is through one-on-one interaction with our customers.


How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion?

I always read through fashion magazines. Being in Los Angeles, an international city full of celebrities and stylists, I am constantly exposed to new fashion, ideas and trends.


What do you consider to be the world’s best fashion city?

New York is a center of fashion trends and sets the direction for the fashion world. In New York City, fashion is everywhere you go and everything you see; whether it is the window display in flagship stores on 5th Avenue, high-end boutique shops on Madison, or trendy displays in SoHo. New York Fashion Week and renowned trade shows are also must-go events for people in the fashion industry.