AccessoriesTheShow New York – Designer Spotlight: Angelrox

Roxi Suger


Booth: 317


What does the Angelrox brand represent?

The Angelrox symbol and trademark represents balance and the pursuit of inner joy. Our tagline and mantra has always been “may peace prevail” and our mission is to give back all we can. Angelrox’s goal is to provide women with timeless versatile designs that work for their varied lifestyle needs. Our focus is on high quality sumptuous plant-derived stretch knits for ultimate comfort and sustainability.


How do you go about expressing your authentic self through your designs?

My authentic self is reflected in the simplicity of the designs and the complexity of their possibilities and styles. It’s apparent in the classicism of my color palette, timeless stripes and select prints. My belief is the woman should be the element that shines the brightest and not the item of clothing she is wearing.


What type of woman is this collection designed for?

Angelrox is ideal for travel, designed for women of all ages and stages, and works for a vast range of sizes and lifestyle needs. Our woman enjoys Angelrox for work, social functions, play, wellness, yoga, dance, bridal, maternity and more. She has a diverse active, busy life. She needs comfortable and stylish fashion that serves her throughout her busy days.


What is your personal background in the fashion industry?

I committed to fashion by the age of eight after I learned to sew from my dear Grannies. I earned my degree in fashion at the University of Alabama on scholarship for design and enjoyed the honor of teaching at Parsons for eight years while working to establish Angelrox. My work history includes the titles of Senior Designer and Head Merchandiser for companies ranging from mass market to direct retailers to high-end for notable companies such as Vivienne Tam, Urban Outfitters and Le Chateau stores of Canada.


If you could teach an aspiring designer one valuable thing you have learned, what would it be?

I always recommend learning all the elements of the industry that you can both in school and on the job. Before you launch your own line, work for others as long as possible to hone your skills, gain knowledge and contacts, and make and save all you can in the hopes of better preparing you for long term success.