AccessoriesTheShow New York – Designer Spotlight: Alana Douvros Jewelry

Alana Douvros


Booth: 317


What is one of your key items for this upcoming Spring/Summer 13 season?

I am really excited about showing my new cast studs made from sea life. I cast the skeleton of sea urchins in sterling silver and set sapphires and rubies into them. They are simple and can be worn everyday but have a unique edge to them that will set your style apart.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I dip into rock shops, shell shops and curiosity shops whenever I can. I love looking through old field guides for rock hounding and fossil hunting. I seek out pieces of nature that we may not see everyday and I strive to create something new and contemporary from it. The earth and all of its creations over time inspire me in the present.


What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season?

My line is very in with the trend of the natural boho look that has been so popular as of late. However, what my line offers that a lot of others don’t is a bit of refinement to that look. I think the use of my truly unusual materials in a delicate traditional fine jewelry style is what makes my brand unique and ultimately why buyers are drawn to my line.


If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why?

I think Florence Welch would look nice in my designs. She has a great vintage classic style that also has an edge to it. I like that she can look like a total wild rock chick one day and a femme fatal from a film noir the next; I believe my jewelry matches very well with both looks.


What three items are essential to you during market week?

My three essential items are dark chocolate covered almonds, my follow-up binder with all of my buyer notes in it, and a good sweater because convention centers are always so chilly!