AccessoriesTheShow Las Vegas – Designer Spotlight: Evelyn Knight Jewelry

Constance Anthon


Booth: 419


What is the history behind the brand’s name Evelyn Knight?

As a young child, I often spent weekends at my grandmother Evelyn Knight’s home. She was an avid collector of jewelry as well as an art dealer. I was exposed to amazing jewelry at a very young age.


What is your main source of inspiration when designing?

Ancient cultures, fashion trends, street art, and jewelry making classes (silversmith, stone setting, mold making, etc.).


Where is your jewelry made?

All our jewelry is handmade in our studio inSan Francisco,California. The material is lead-free pewter plated in 22k gold.


How does your brand continue to create the highest quality of jewelry each season?

I am always doing marketing research and following trends in fashion and art. I am also enrolled in an independent study program at a local art college where we all exchange ideas and inspire each other.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

My grandmother, Evelyn Knight, told me to do what I love and I will be successful at it. I’m doing just that.


If you were not the designer of this brand, what would you be doing?

I have two other jewelry lines; C. Anthon Jewelry is all sterling silver and Tatto Jewelry is one of a kind. They keep me busy!