AccessoriesTheShow New York — Designer Spotlight: Fivesse


Nancy Apatov & Susan Johnson


Booth: 1210


Tell us a little about the inspiration behind the brand.

We like color and patterns and believe many products can be improved with the use of them. We began to develop our product strategy with a women’s gym bag line and realized that in addition to developing a pretty gym bag for women, we can provide one that serves the functional needs of the women who work out a lot. This led to the name Fivesse which is based on a system of operations and organization that was established in Japan. The 5S’s, five steps used to implement this manufacturing process, defined our brand perfectly: Sort, Store, Systemize, Sustain and SHINE.


How does this collection truly mirror your personal lifestyles?

We are both busy, professional women who like to stay organized to get the most out of each day. We wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a grocery or department store bag to the gym. We have always searched for bags that are functional and pretty but have yet to find one, until we designed the Fivesse bag!


Which design characteristics make these bags so functional?

Each bag has precisely measured pockets and compartments that are designed to hold specific items for a woman’s workout. The pockets are labeled as such so there is no “what is this pocket for” question. In addition, a custom designed ear bud wrap, a washable bag for dirty clothes and a garment bag that attaches to the Home Gym Work Bag for the working woman’s work clothes.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

Do what you love and if you don’t have passion for it, find the passion with something else.


What would people be surprised to know about you?

We both sewed our own clothes growing up. We would go to the sewing store, pick a pattern and fabric and make an outfit to wear to school the next day. Many times, a tucked in shirt would not be hemmed so we could wear the outfit as soon as possible.