AccessoriesTheShow New York — Designer Spotlight: ERS Creative

ERS Creative

Eilen R Stewart

Designer, Owner

Booth: 332


How did ERS Creative get its start?

Growing up in a small town near Moscow and moving to Los Angeles in my teens presented me with a number of unique hurdles, but it also gave me rich sources of inspiration and experience. As a child, I learned how to make all kinds of things from almost nothing, so I’m good at improvising. The environment of entrepreneurial freedom and creativity in the U.S. motivated me to start my own business, which would have been inconceivable in Russia.


What are some recycled and environmentally conscious materials you work with?

Due to the nature of the casting process, I am able to incorporate a lot of recycled metal into my work. I am always on the hunt for bronze and silver to melt down and reuse. I frequent thrift stores and garage sales with my loupe in hand. This reduces impact on the environment, saves money, and gives new life to forgotten and unwanted objects. It also gives me freedom to try new things; if they don’t work out, I make something else.


What is one of your key items for Spring/Summer ‘14?

One of the designs I am most excited by are the deer and moose antlers. I love the idea of protection and the subtle beauty of clean lines. This work was inspired by an old ring where the stone had fallen out and the remaining setting looked like a pair of antlers; also by a recent trip to Portland where deer antlers seem to be at every thrift shop and nature feels closer with moss taking over every rooftop and stair.


In your opinion, what makes this brand so unique?

ERS Creative is a fusion of art, craft and fashion. I create well-designed, well-made, unique pieces that can unleash a little bit of the ‘artsy’ and the wild in anyone. I am committed to using the best quality materials, keeping production in the U.S., and offering a wonderful place to work, learn and grow to aspiring young artists and designers. ERS Creative is my way to support the local economy and provide a beautiful product, made here by people who love to make it.