AccessoriesTheShow New York — Designer Spotlight: Batucada USA, LLC


Katerina Quinterno / Elena Couvaras


Booth: 1213


Explain what the tagline “wear your essence on the outside” means to Batucada.

As the “dream reality’ of the company’s founder – Mr. Loick Leblond (the son of an influential Parisian architect) – Batucada’s designs are drawn from historical experiences and events in nature that conjure emotions from deep within. These timeless pieces are not subject to the whims of any particular fashion trend and don’t simply impact the way you look, but they also affect the way you feel.


What are a few design elements that make this collection eco-friendly and modern?

The ease with which Batucada is worn and the way in which these accessories conform to the contours of your shape, make this product truly “people friendly.” Batucada’s jewels on the skin are composed of fully recyclable materials that give the product its nickel-free, lead-free, latex free and feather light character. The process of manufacturing is premised upon our respect for the environment and extensive efforts are applied to avoid waste. An accessory that you can love and that will love you back without sacrificing the environment!


What is one of your key items for Spring/Summer ‘14?

One of our most important items for next season is the Batucada “flipflop.” The newest casual and fun member of the Batucada collection is ideal with resort wear.


How did you first get started in the fashion accessory business?

Having been influenced by experiences in Africa and travels through Europe, we both shared a common fascination with how cultural and ethnic factors impact the style, color and texture of accessories. It seemed to be the one area where fashionistas could add their own expression (and “tweaks”) to worldwide clothing fashion trends. When we encountered Batucada, there was an incredibly unique quality that seemed to transcend typical influences. We felt compelled to share the love with U.S. consumers…and here we are, hoping to create a whole new era of “Batucadistas.”